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The Secret To The Perfect Fit

Posted on October 10, 2019

Inner Beauty

The most beautiful and expensive piece you own probably doesn’t fit. 

At Private Jewelers, we offer our clients sizing assist shanks. No matter the age, style, or design, we can integrate a mechanical device into your existing ring. A variance too great from knuckle size to the base of your finger size results in a rotating ring that is uncomfortable, unsightly, and a danger to the integrity of your diamonds.

Our selection of sizing assist shanks includes Finger Mate, Super Fit, Finger Fit, Private Jewelers Handmade Integrated Hinged Shanks.

Each piece is designed and crafted to fit, perfectly, at the base of your finger. You deserve a ring that fits comfortably and completely secure.

The beauty of your original ring will remain – what you’ll gain is the perfect fit.


Ask us today about our sizing assist shanks
to add to your new or existing ring.