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OOPS, I think I cracked my stone!

Posted on August 28, 2020

Inner Beauty

Diamonds are forever, but not indestructible! Though they are made of the hardest natural material, diamonds do chip and crack.

Here are three options we can offer you.


We can re-cut or repair your diamond. If your diamond is on the larger side, or is an antique ring with sentimental value, re-cutting may be your best option.


You can also replace your chipped diamond. We will organize and present all possibilities to you. If replacement is your best option, we’ll assist you with insurance claims, all the way through.


If you have been wanting another gem or a bigger stone, you have the option to upgrade your chipped stone for something new set in its place. If you’ve always wanted a bigger stone or a different cut, now is the time to upgrade your diamond.



Dropped it? Caught your hand in the door? Haven’t had it checked in years?  Wear it doing “everything“?

Come to see us ASAP!


*Wearing a chipped diamond exposes it to a high chance of further damage.


At Private Jewelers, our experienced team will evaluate your diamonds condition and give you a fair quote for service or replacement.


Give us a call (561) 272-9800 to schedule your appointment today.