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You’ve organized your kitchen – Now what about your jewelry box?

Posted on September 18, 2020

Inner Beauty

Your guide to keeping what you love, exchanging what you don’t, and snagging that piece you’ve had your eye on

Seeing your options actually doubles your choices

Gather every piece of jewelry you own and go through each piece carefully. Sort your pieces into categories: Your everyday pieces, pieces that may need to be repaired, heirloom pieces, pieces you never wear, and pieces you don’t wear often, but to which you are sentimentally attached.

Decide whether the pieces you don’t often wear should be kept or not by asking yourself if you’d wear them in the next few months.

Keep what you love, and consider selling or consigning your pre-loved pieces in trade for something new

Your sentimental pieces should be organized last, as those are often the hardest to part with. Decide which items you will keep, and which items you might consign or sell in exchange for something that better represents your style.

You know what you still need

By categorizing your day-to-day pieces, you can FINALLY see what you own. Are there certain colored gemstones you find yourself seeking out? Are you missing those staple diamond studs you’ve always wanted? It may be time to invest in pieces you will wear!

Out with the old, in with the new

If you happen to have a valuable piece that’s been collecting dust, consider getting it appraised. If you are looking to sell or upgrade your pieces, in-store credit can be used to snag that piece you’ve been wanting.

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